The advantages of privacy fences are well-known — primarily that they offer security and privacy. A privacy fence is a big installation, though, so it impacts the curb appeal of your house. Therefore, you want a privacy fence style that complements your house. Contractors have different approaches for meeting this need.

Fence Topper

One of the most common ways for adding visual interest to a privacy fence is to top the fence panels with a decorative element. Homeowners often opt for lattice screens. You can order quite decorative lattice screens. Beyond the standard diamonds, manufacturers also produce lattice with distinct shapes and even pictures.

Another option is to top the fence with wrought iron panels. Wrought iron comes in numerous decorative designs. What’s more, wrought iron is known as a high-end material. So, such a topper can add elegance to your privacy fence.

One consideration to keep in mind is that many HOAs have limits for how tall a fence can be. This limitation includes the fence topper. So, the privacy portion of your fence will have to be shorter to accommodate the decorative panel.

Two-Tone Panels

When you think of a wooden privacy fence, you probably imagine the wood left its natural color. Wood is very attractive naturally, but you do have other options. You can choose to have the fence painted. If you’re doing so, consider a two-tone palette. White would be good for the trim. The panels could match your siding or house trim.

If you like the look of natural wood, the two-tone approach is still possible. Choose a fence style with rails. The panel can be natural wood while the rails and posts are another color. They could be wood stained darker than the panels. They can also be another material, such as metal. Indeed, naturally-stained wood panels framed in black metal is a popular choice for this approach.

Unusual Slats

Fence contractors have other methods besides paint to change the appearance of the panels. They can also use unusual slate configurations. For example, they can install horizontal instead of vertical pickets.

Conversely, they can use the vertical pickets but vary the size. For example, they can fill in the spaces between normal-width pickets with two narrower pickets. The result is a pleasant pattern.

They could even omit traditional pickets altogether. They could use bamboo or rattan in place of the pickets. You get an attractive woven appearance with this approach. Speaking of weaving, you also see panels in which the boards seem woven in between posts, exactly like a basket.

Pergola-Covered Gate

Homeowners typically include a gate into their backyard through the privacy fence. They commonly choose decorative gates, often with their own toppers or lattice screens. You can incorporate another element to add beauty to your gate — a pergola.

The pergola for gates is much shallower than the one you find providing shade in a garden. It’s usually not much deeper than the fence itself. However, it does provide a sense of drama because it rises higher than the fence. You see many different styles. However, an Asian-inspired pergola that gives the effect of a pagoda is especially popular.

Many homeowners fancy the romantic appeal of lattice screen posts for the pergola. When you peruse design websites, you often see climbing plants trained to go over the pergola. This design is very fetching. However, talk with your fence experts ahead of time about the best way to protect your pergola and fence from the moisture associated with live plants.

As you choose the style of your new privacy fence, consider some of the above ideas as ways to add curb appeal to the installation. When you’re ready for the fence itself, contact City Wide Fence Company, Inc.